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Respond quicker.

save lives.

Guardian Zone bridges the communication gap between security, law enforcement and the public during an emergency.

Our cloud-based technology helps organizations with risk mitigation and provides a tool to help with incident management.

Real-Time Data

We employ crowdsourced real-time on-the-ground incident data, extending the security footprint for more effective emergency management.


Information Sharing

Guardian Zone empowers smartphone users to participate in their safety, using data intelligence during an emergency to send or receive key information.

Real-Time GPS/IPS Data

Real-time GPS/IPS location data and photos from app users help to determine incident location.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our security portal can send mass notifications, preprogrammed and customized messages to staff and visitors. Guardian Zone mobile app users become additional eyes and ears for security and their smartphones become temporary security devices.

Guardian Zone helps security teams respond quicker and save more lives.

A security solution that enhances & complements existing security systems, naturally building trust between the app user and officer.

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A Trusted Solution For Every Event…

Court-Side Or Board-Room.


Guardian Zone was created for facility and security managers responsible for risk mitigation and incident management at medium and large properties where people congregate for work, school or leisure who want to extend the range of their security network and speed up their response time, Guardian Zone provides an innovative mobile application that connects any smartphone user within the property directly to the security team and enables two-way communication during emergencies.

Security In Your Hands.

The Guardian Zone platform disrupts the current way actionable information is acquired and acted upon by security staff in an emergency. Traditionally, command center dispatch operations relied on a communication model that involved physical communication in times of need, and dispatch had to request the nearest responders to act based on unreliable or non-existent location data. With Guardian Zone, security can quickly take the necessary actions

Crowdsourcing Security to provide improved incident response.  Guardian Zone empowers staff and visitors to act and contact security during an emergency.   This is accomplished by creating a network of all people with the Guardian Zone app on their smartphones to help extend a security team’s reach, and shorten the response time after an incident. By deploying geofencing technology, protection is provided to all users within a desired location(s).   Geofencing creates a temporary “closed-community”. All reported emergencies and incidents allow exact location positioning utilizing both GPS and IPS technologies.

Why Choose Guardian Zone?

  • Detailed crowd-sourced information on scope and type of incident to respond to an incident more effectively.
  • Prevent incidents by extending your eyes and ears.
  • Quicker notification of an incident with more key details (type of event, need, images).
  • Two-way communications with GZ users during a threat.
  • Connect and share information with visitors.
  • Build trust and loyalty with your visitors by demonstrating commitment to keeping them safe.
  • Simple, free mobile app allowing opt-in communication with your staff and customers/visitors.

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Key Features


Technology driven delivery of actionable intelligence.

Real-time location data, and two-way communication capabilities.


Broadcasts mass notifications to all or specific groups.


Allows users to have personal contacts to be alerted in case of emergency regardless of location.

Cloud-Based Security Portal allows local or remote monitoring of multiple geofences.


Security is notified in two different ways to make sure officers get specific information of an incident.

GPS/IPS location and photos from users to assess incidence location.

Security portal automatically captures the telephone number of the app user when they enter the geofence.

Alerts all Guardian Zone-enabled iPhone and Android smartphones and gives users instructions about what actions to take.

Set-Up A Geofence And Protect Guests At Your Next Event